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January 18, 2013

Welcome to SEEN!

SEEN is written by Dr Judith Lock, a Senior Teaching Fellow in the University of Southampton’s Centre for Biological Sciences SEEN (Southampton Ecology & Evolution News) is an email of interesting links, including employability information, which I sent to all University of Southampton Biology and Zoology students every fortnight during term-time, archived on this blog. SEEN […]

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June 17, 2019

SEEN 9.12 App of the week – Guest editor Thomas Land

Animal Tracker: A really great app that allows you to see the movements of hundreds of tagged animals across the world that researchers use to track organisms’ migration routes.

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SEEN 9.12 Species of the week – Guest editor Thomas Land

The Giant Squid (Architeuthis dux): After finishing up Other Minds (Peter Godfrey-Smith), a book about alien intellect and cognition in cephalopods, as well as taking a tour of the NHM’s spirit collection which houses one of the only caught Giant Squid in the world (affectionately known as “Archie” despite probably being female), I was compelled […]

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SEEN 9.12 – Guest editor Thomas Land

  (11/06/2019) Brazil wins legal fight over 100-million-year-old fossil bounty: (13/06/2019) Some Canadian lakes still store DDT in their mud: (13/06/2019) Bermuda land snail: An animal “back from the dead”: (14/06/2019) Many of the world’s rivers are flush with dangerous levels of antibiotics:   Book of the Week (brilliant idea Tom!) […]

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