January 18, 2013
SEEN 3.3 Careers

Marwell interns Apologies that we have not yet arranged interviews but these will be happening soon. Everyone who applied will be interviewed.

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SEEN 3.2 Careers

Thank you to those of you who attended the “Prepare for the fair” events this week, Rich said that there was a good attendance and a lot of interest. We hope that you find the upcoming fair, on Wednesday, just as interesting and useful.   Marwell intern applicants, I will soon be in touch about […]

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SEEN 3.1 Careers

The University’s IT, Science and Engineering Fair (ITSE), to be held on 24th October  11am-3:30pm in Garden Court, Students’ Union (http://www.southampton.ac.uk/careers/news/fairs/scieng.html ). You may be wondering whether employers attending the fair will be interested in your Biological Sciences degree. The answer is, yes! To find out more (which companies are interested in you), go along to our “Prepare […]

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December 12, 2012
Careers Update

A very exciting opportunity, which you have hopefully heard about, Genentech in California are looking for University of Southampton interns for Summer 2013. All 2nd and 3rd year Biological Sciences students are eligible to apply. There is an information session about this opportunity, run by Career Destinations, from 2pm in 46/2003. Book-up for the session […]

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