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The Excel Placements website is currently advertising 4 SEEN-related internships – 2 to assist with with our BioBlitzing events in the summer (we chose the design for our sponsored sculpture in the sculpture trail this week) and 2 to work with the Wildlife Trust on a biodiversity monitoring project in the New Forest. 2 further internships with the Wildlife Trust, looking at non-native plants, will be advertised from 7th March.


Placement with the National Trust

Jack Merrifield says “A friend of mine at the National Trust is putting together a survey schedule for Purbeck (Dorset) for 2016 that offers full and part-time 6 week summer placements to BSc/MSc students. Sounds like a nice opportunity in a beautiful part of the world”. The advert says:

BSc and MSc placements typically run for 6 weeks between June and September, and can be full- or part-time.

There is some flexibility regarding dates and length of time. We will work with you to identify a programme of

work that will make best use of your skills and help you gain the experience that will be most useful to your

own academic and career development. A detailed placement plan will be identified with National Trust staff

prior to its commencement, but a placement’s time is typically spent as follows:

· 25% taking part in general ecological surveys, working with a regular field group that is led by NT

ecologists or expert volunteers.

· 25% carrying out data inputting, management and analysis using Excel, Living Record and GIS

· 50% working on a specific project, under the supervision of NT ecologists and other technical advisors.

Recent projects include monitoring of deer impact on saltmarsh, mapping distribution of

grasshoppers across a dune heath system, and water quality and invertebrate analysis in an

oligotrophic lake system.

We are looking for capable, flexible and highly motivated students who will make the most of this opportunity

to gain experience with one the world’s leading conservation organisations in one of the most biodiverse

corners of the UK. In 2016 we will particularly welcome any students who are keen to develop their field

botany skills, and any students with GIS skills.

For more information contact:

David Brown, Property Ecologist, National Trust Purbeck Office, Currendon Farm, Swanage BH19 3AA


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