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Hampshire bat group have sent me a list of upcoming meetings that you may be interested in attending:

  • Saturday 10 November at the Ark Centre in Basingstoke. More details about the programme are available here: And you can book your place here:
  • Saturday 1st Dec is the BHS/ ARC Scientific meeting in Bournemouth, which is open for booking (FYI it tends to sell out quite quickly). £25 and includes lunch.
  • They also have sponsorship available for students to attend relevant bat conferences for free, membership secretary Ruth Holland says “If you would like to be considered for sponsorship, all we ask of you is to send us a short paragraph outlining why you would benefit from attending the conference of your choice. In return, we would like you to produce a short report about your experience at the said conference which would be published in the next ‘Bat Droppings’ newsletter for the Group.” Her email address is


Take a virtual tour of a zoo, to find out more about species of conservation concern


How about a diatom charity Christmas card? The chosen charity this year is PLANETS cancer charity (Thank you Moira!).


As mentioned above, Connor has sent lots of links for your delectation (Thank you Connor!):

Climate change is driving species loss in montane birds.

More than 77% of land (excluding Antarctica) and 87% of the ocean has been modified by the direct effects of human activities. Five countries hold 70% of the world’s remaining wilderness.

WWF recently released their Living Planet Report, with the media widely reporting that “humanity has wiped out 60 percent of animals since 1970”, however this is a misinterpretation of the actual report.


When reporting your stats, it’s the contextualisation that’s important


Nominate your favourite scientist for the new £50 note. They have to be dead, so David Attenborough is out.

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