SEEN 6.5 Placements

Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust year in industry placements – there will be 10 placement opportunities in 7 departments, starting September 2016. This is the information that I have been sent:

“Geographical Information Science (GIS) and Predation Research (2 placements)

Computer Science (1 Placement)

Farmland Ecology Unit (FEU) (1 placements)

Lowland Game & Wildlife Research (LGR) (1 placement)

Scottish Lowlands (2 placements)

Upland Research Unit (2 placements likely)

Wetland Research (1 placement)

 I am sending the adverts out through email. I will send each placement in a separate email, together with information from the GWCT 2014 Annual Review on work that students have been involved with in the past in each department. Please let me know if you receive 8 emails from me – including this one and also let me know if you do not.  Please inform me if I am sending this to the wrong person.  I will endeavour to help you advertise these placements but I do not have the time or resources to fill in forms for each of these placements at each of the Universities we contact. 

 These placements will also be advertised on our website:

 For most of the placements interviewing will start in mid-January and will continue until we have filled the positions. This means that the effective closing dates for most of the placements is the first week in January 2016, although we may accept later applications if we have not filled the placement position already.

I strongly suggest that interested students, who know they want to work with us, get the following to us as soon as possible (bar Lowland Game Research which will accept applications from January): 

1.       CV detailing A levels and GCSEs – results and subjects; as well as any graded results at University that the students have up to the date they send us their CV.  Include information on any paid or volunteer activities to show both interest in science and responsibility to job or volunteer commitments.

2.       Covering letter (describe what they want out of the placement and what skills they bring to it – this needs to give us some idea of why they should stand out from the crowd – we really use this to select interviewees).

3.       References from a lecturer or tutor sent to the contact person on the advert directly.  Ensure these reach the appropriate contact person by the first week of January in order to ensure they are considered when we select candidates for interview.

We will need these by the first week in January 2016 to ensure that students are considered for the first round of interviews.“

We have had Southampton students undertaking these placements in the past, including Sophie Watts who is now in the 3rd year after spending last year with GWCT. If you are interested, please let me know. You will need to contact staff about references asap as we will be taking Christmas holidays too.

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