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The Royal Society of Biology is asking 1st year students about their experiences of A level Biology – “If you are an undergraduate student in your first year of university please complete our survey (,61VC2,M95SFG,NQV28,1) on your experience of biology in school. The information you provide will help to inform the work of the Biology Curriculum Committee in considering the future of biology education in schools and you could win a £50 Amazon voucher. The survey will close 15 February.”


From Mark Chapman (staff contributor of the week!) –pebble island is for sale


Facial pattern of canids is related to gaze communication, maybe one element that made grey wolves open to domestication


Apparently cats can follow gaze too


Obituary for Trevor, the world’s loneliest duck


Plastic debris in aquatic food webs


5 ways to wellbeing with nature

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